What is Difference between Javitri and Jaiphal ( Mace vs Nutmeg ) ?
Javitri or Mace & Jaiphal or Nutmeg are two different spices that comes from the same Nutmeg tree. Nutmeg is the oval-shaped pit while mace is the red webbing that surrounds the shell of the pit.
Javitri vs Jaiphal ( Mace vs Nutmeg )
Mace is a yellowish brown spice covering the nutmeg seed.Usually its available in dried blades or ground form. Mace has flavour similar to nutmeg with notes of cinnamon and black pepper. It is commonly used in spice blends, baked goods and in savoury dishes as well as in pickling and preserivng.
Red aril is removed from the nutmeg seed and is flattened out and dried for 10 to 14 days. During drying, the colour of mace can change to light yellow, orange, or tan. Mace is more expensive than Nutmeg comparitively.

Nutmeg is a brown to light brown spice made form the nutmeg seed. Nutmeg has a sweeter, milder and more delicate taste. Its avilable in whole or in powder form. Usually It is purchased and stored in whole form for longer shelf life and grated direclty into the recipe for fresher and cleaner taste.