Lemon Peel, Dried Loose Leaf Cut


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Botanical Name: Citrus limon

The lemon peel is full of nutrition. it has vitamin c to help build the immune system and citrus bioflavonoid for healthier circulation. when added to herbal teas it gives an added aroma and enhances the taste. Lemon Peel adds a citrus flavor to teas, baked goods, spice blends, marinades and rubs. Fresh and convenient, dried lemon peel is a great addition to infused oil, flavored butter or in homemade cleaning or personal care products.

High quality, clean and naturally caffeine Free, refreshing and healthy, Perfect served hot or cold, either on its own or with a little honey. It can be infused with other herbs as well according to your preference. 

Suggested Use:For Food/Beverages:  It can be used as an infusion with green/black tea by adding this herb/spice according to your preference. or you can make your own herbal tea blend by mixing your choice of herbs/spices, then Steep blend in boiling water for around 15 minutes and strain out.

Other Uses:  DIY Beauty and Personal Care products like Handmade Soaps, Bath Bombs, shampoo, lotions, creams, Scented Candles, Potpourris etc.

SAFETY WARNING: If you are a pregnant/lactating  mothers or taking any kind of medication, Please consult your doctor before adding it to your diet.

Elixings is brand of Infinator Pte Ltd, Singapore. The company is supplying high quality tea ingredients to High end speciality tea manufacturers. To offer same high quality ingredients to retail consumers specially tea enthusiast, The company established this brand Elixings the speciality tea ingredients.

Elixigns offer variety of Herbs, Spices, Dried Flowers and other ingredients used as Tea of in Tea infusion in various forms and sizes like whole, TBC (Tea Bag Cut), Loose Leaf Cut etc.

Elixings' Dried Lemon Peels are made by chopping high quality dried Lemon peels and shifting it to uniform size. The product is processed at FSSAI, Halal &  ISO Certified processing facility and then packed in Food grade consumer packs under hygienic environment.

At Elixings' we ensure that only fresh batches of products are packed.


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